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Thread: NEW IT Community aimed at IT Professionals

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    NEW IT Community aimed at IT Professionals

    My work and passion is within the IT space, just recently about 2 months ago I created a community for ALL IT Professionals.

    The online forum is aimed at IT role players within the IT space, I personally could not find a forum within South Africa that catered for all types of role players within IT. I found forums just catering for Project Managers, Testing, Software Development, Gaming, Telecommunications, etc, however I don't want to be a member on 10 different forums but rather just 1 forum.

    The thought crossed my mind, a Project Manager might only want to know what's happing in the Project Management space, however every good practitioner should be open to other discussion relating to their team members.

    This is a new community, a space for IT people to engage, network, discuss the latest happenings in IT and to be aware of news, events and IT jobs.

    I invite you to be part of our new community, share this others and help us to grow. Like every new community there is always space for improvement, please share that with me as well.

    Some of the topics we have posted include:

    > Gantt Chart - Using Excel or Tools
    > Change Management - Free Change Management Poster
    > IT Specialists in Demand for 2011 - How accurate is this list
    > Tested Enough, WHEN? - When do you decide you have tested enough
    > The Android Era - Information about the vastly growing Android platform
    > Agile - What is the role of the Software Tester in Agile Development
    > Sleeping on the Job - That is a joke
    > iPhone4 - Recent problems being experienced by iPhone4 users
    > Attack of the Adobe flash bug - Adobe Systems are currently experiencing internet security threats

    AND more....

    Here is the link, IT Professionals Forum

    If I may leave you with a poem 'ABOUT COMPUTERS'

    A computer was something on TV
    from a science fiction show of note
    a window was something you hated to clean...
    and ram was the cousin of a goat...

    Meg was the name of my girlfriend
    and gig was a job for the nights
    now they all mean different things
    and that really mega bytes

    An application was for employment
    a program was a TV show
    a cursor used profanity
    a keyboard was a piano

    Memory was something that you lost with age
    a cd was a bank account
    and if you had a 3 1/2" floppy
    you hoped nobody found out

    Compress was something you did to the garbage
    not something you did to a file
    and if you unzipped anything in public
    you' be in jail for a while

    Log on was adding wood to the fire
    hard drive was a long trip on the road
    a mouse pad was where a mouse lived
    and a backup happened to your commode

    Cut you did with a pocket knife
    paste you did with glue
    a web was a spider's home
    and a virus was the flu

    I guess I'll stick to my pad and paper
    and the memory in my head
    I hear nobody's been killed in a computer crash,
    but when it happens they wish they were dead.

    Thanks to dknight, our member.

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    Good luck with your new forum, Cream.

    Hopefully you won't be a stranger.

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    Dave, thank very much! I have to say that I take my hat off to you and to your team!
    Definitely I won't be a stranger, love this forum and the members contributing are great!

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