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Thread: Softline Pastel Payroll versus Softline VIP

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    Softline Pastel Payroll versus Softline VIP

    I have been sweating with the SARS e@syfile submissions!

    A client of mine is presently on Softline VIP.

    They are looking at migrating to Softline Pastel Payroll because they are using Softline Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolution and they have heard good things about Softline Pastel Payroll.

    They asked my opinion and I told them I would do some research and get back to them.

    In my mind I am thinking that Softline VIP is the better product because it is their core product (Softline VIP only does Payroll)
    I have always thought that Pastel Payroll was never Pastel's core product, and always played second fiddle to Pastel Accounting (it never got the same development etc.) Maybe this has changed?

    Comments would be appreciated!

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    I've used both Pastel & VIP payroll and find that Pastel is far more user friendly and simplistic than VIP, however it is just as effective. VIP imho is more suited to a larger or corporate business environment (based on cost of software and training) while Pastel is more than sufficient for your smaller to medium enterprise. That said I haven't used VIP in a few years and perhaps they have introduced an easier to use system since?
    I had to spend a week training on VIP whereas I taught myself to use Pastel.

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    This is a little bit biased coming from me, but I suggest Pastel Payroll based on the easy-to-use factor.

    You are correct in saying that Pastel has not always focused on the Payroll development, however since 2003, Pastel Payroll was established as a separate operating company with its own development team that focuses only on Payroll (and HR in recent years).

    Both Softline VIP and Softline Pastel Payroll’s products are 100% SARS and payroll legislation compliant, so that is not something to worry about. For me, it would be more about usability, and catering for my general processing requirements.

    You can get all the information about both products from their respective websites namely www.pastelpayroll.coza and

    Alternatively, you can arrange for a demonstration of each product to decide for yourself.

    If you need any further assistance, kindly call our Sales Call Centre on (011) 304 4100.

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