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Thread: Vodacom signal drop

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    Vodacom signal drop

    before a week ago, the signal of my vodacom wireless router would be sitting happily at average (yellow), providing me with hours of entertainment and a practically rock solid connection at all times of the day.
    Now it struggles to maintain connection to 3G, dropping me to GPRS or not picking up signal at all. I habe tried adjusting the position of the router to a more elevated spot, but even this doesn't seem to help. This has all the signs of being a problem on their side.

    so down to business. I've sent an email to their queries department, and if that doesn't get a satisfactory result, I'll probably be turning to hello peter for a better response. What I want to know is does anybody know where I can get an update schedule for the towers in my area? google searches haven't really been fruitful. If it is a tower update that is taking exceptionally long, I can understand. But failing that, there's something seriously sick happening.

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    I don't know where you could find tower upgrade info, assuming they publish it at all, apart from Vodacom themselves. The engineer angel sitting on one shoulder says maybe it's a physical obstruction such as a new building which has left you with degraded signal. The conspiracy theorist angel on the other shoulder says it's all a deliberate ploy to encourage you to upgrade to their 4g network.
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    When they update the RBS systems they don’t tell anybody because it’s normally painless “well relatively painless” MTN is at a supper crawl speed of GPRS at best and nothing you download gets downloaded and or corrupted so seriously messed up stuff at the moment.

    I do know they are upgrading the networks “and or maintenance” so welcome to "slow as you prepaid hell..."
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