Well, with Manto out of the picture, it seems that our deputy pres is forging ahead with a better AIDS plan. When you look at the human cost of Aids, I'm hoping that the new plan works out well.

The human costs of South Africa's foot-dragging on Aids were highlighted on Wednesday with the release of a study that showed an estimated 571 000 new HIV infections in 2005 -- roughly 1 500 people a day -- well above Health Ministry projections.

The research, published in the March edition of the South African Medical Association Journal, said young people, and particularly young women, were not being reached by current Aids-prevention efforts.

"Among young people in the 15 to 24 year age group, women accounted for 90% of all recent HIV infections," the researchers said.

Full story, "SA launches revamped Aids plan" on the M&G Online
South Africa's national strategic plan, submitted for approval at a conference, aims to cut new HIV infections by 50% and bring treatment and support to at least 80% of HIV-positive people by 2011.

Health analysts hope South Africa is undergoing a basic shift in its official approach to a pandemic that already infects about 5,5-million of the country's 47-million people and kills an estimated 1 000 South Africans every day.

"The indications are there has been a genuine change of heart at the highest level," the influential Business Day newspaper said in an editorial on Wednesday.
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I find that last part an interesting snippet. I always wonder what did change - was it just Manto being out of the loop, or is it a result of why she is out of the loop? Or maybe not related to her at all....