I am not sure if this is the best place to start throwing this idea around, but I am thinking about starting work on a killer business website builder with all the frills that is as easy-to-use and DIY as possible. More importantly, it will be awesomely effective at promoting the client companies both through SEO and other methods - basically to take on Yola, Doodlekit, Yahoo and the rest of them and win! There will be a free and paid version of the site an it will have a lot of extra features that will set it apart from the competition. Roll-out as a beta version will be about six months after design/coding begins.

I know my way around design/PHP/MySQL and Javascript and have built a website builder already (www.ezbizsa.com) and have learned a lot doing it but with the advent of new technologies and user expectations, my opinion is that there is an opportunity for something similar that is new and fresh and built for the global market. However, as I have learned the hard way, a project like this is far more effectively done with a team.

Therefore, I am looking to put together an awesome small group of South African designers/coders/SEO/marketing people to work on this project, to show what we at the tip of Africa can do and share in the rewards. It's not a salaried gig and there is no money until it works. But everyone who comes on board and proves themselves gets a share of the "company" and profits and will have a say how everything is done.
Basically, the following skills would be required (whether you have one or more doesn't matter);

HTML5 and CSS3
Web design (being able to create awesome graphics in HTML)
Business people/Marketers (to manage/promote/project manage the project)
Mobile/Cellphone programmers

I am looking for 4 or 5 people who have some experience and can show me that they know what they are doing. You don't need a degree or any qualification for that matter, but you need to be competent. You also need to be self-motivated, friendly, relaxed, honest and you must have a sense of humour and an imagination (if you really liked the original Star Wars movies and thought the last three sucked, that would be a major plus). In other words, I don't want any premadonnas even if they are brilliant at what they do.

So, if you want to build something worthwhile and are willing to work a few hours a week and on weekends until we start rolling, send me a private message and I'll give you more details about the idea so you can see if you are interested.