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Thread: Presidential salary

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    Presidential salary

    Great story this morning on Mweb which gives a good idea of what our politicians are earning as salaries.

    Looks like it is far more lucrative to become the CEO of Eskom or Telkom; they pretty well earn in a month what our esteemed President earns in a year.

    I humbly submit that our President is doing a better job.

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    I think they should all be fired. We could find people far more qualified at a fraction of these salaries actually willing to do something out there.

    These MP's want an increase on numbers that they do not deserve in the first place. With a bit of luck they will all go on strike and I am sure we can all benefit. OK - I know the arguement is that they do nothing anyway and striking will not make a difference. I give up - its this kind of nonsense that just brings the country down to a low level and makes me realise that perhaps we are just another African Country ticking along by default.

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