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Thread: Document Development Life Cycle - DDLC

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    Document Development Life Cycle - DDLC

    In September our team participated in a process research project. We are always interested in learning the world trends and based on our research, we found information pertaining to DDLC, here is a brief around DDLC:

    We have all heard of SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle, the gradual process followed in software development, which involves teams of experts in various fields such as project managers, analysts, testers, architects, programmers, and even end users. Still however within software development documentation is ignored. The documentation is an important aspect of the SDLC given that the proper documentation facilitates the study and understanding of the facts concerning the system for future maintenance and additions.

    Who is the new kid on the block? DDLC - Document Development Life Cycle
    DDLC doesn’t replace the SDLC, it works in parallel and intertwines with the SDLC.

    The DDLC comprises of the following phases that are used by a technical writer to create a well structured and information rich technical document:
    • Project Start Up
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Designing
    • Developing
    • Testing
    • Publishing
    • Maintaining

    Project Start-up
    Project start-up generally involves the creation of project plan. It includes understanding the project objectives and constraints in terms of time, quality, and cost. The scope of the project is clearly defined along with standards to be followed throughout the project. This phase also involves identifying key personnel responsible for providing, reviewing, and approving document content.

    Requirement Analysis
    Requirement analysis for documentation includes Audience Analysis, Need Analysis and Task Analysis. You try to understand the learning gap and come up with strategies required in achieving the project goal. You also decide the format and the delivery media for the document at this phase.

    Design phase basically deals with collecting and organizing data. Design phase involves planning the instructional and media strategy and creating the course outline. High level design and low level design related to instructional and media strategy are created, verified, and validated.

    Developing the document requires actual writing of the document, and integration of the various components (graphics, glossary, search items) of the document. This phase also involves document reviews and revisions and management of documentation issues. Now, the document is ready for testing.

    Testing involves measuring the quality of the document. This involves review by quality analysts on parameters like correctness, completeness, adherence to standards, and usability.

    After fixing the all the testing bugs the document is ready for publishing. After all the hard work this phase relates to actual delivery of the document to its target audience.

    Maintenance involves maintaining the deliverables. For example, it may involve content reuse analysis and elimination of redundant data from the document sets. It may also include template revision or inclusion of new product features.

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