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Thread: no websurfing on iBurst, any suggestions?

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    no websurfing on iBurst, any suggestions?

    I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for me. We're using iBurst at a remote site where there's no ADSL (sadly) and 3G is simply too expensive. I can connect to the internet, and get into iburst's own website, google & gmail, but nothing else. I can't even ping and the speedtest on their website simply times out. I could, however connect

    I tried this modem at my house, where I know iBurst has worked before and it's currently in Fourways close to the mall, which supposedly has excellent coverage. It's connected to a broadband VPN router, and then to a PVR system, so I can't really see what the signal strength is but when I access either RDP, gmail, google or iBurst's website is super quick. Authentication is also very quick and I'm able to access the VPN router remotely without any issues.

    The MTU is set to 1352, but I also tried 1349 (I think?) with the same problem

    This is the current WAN status:
    WAN State: UP
    NAT: Enabled
    Connection Type: PPPoE
    Connection State: Connected
    IP Address: 196.2.102.x
    Subnet Mask:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    MAC Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00
    iBurst support stuff was a bit useless with this one
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    I had a similar problem in Bloubosrand (down the road from Fourways). Try changing your primary DNS to the same as the gateway address. Make sure you remember the numbers in case you need to change it back again...

    Also, MSwindows 7 has some issues with the security of multi networks, maybe this is your problem? it's outside my sphere of abilities so maybe someone can "talk you through" those settings?
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