As we all know one of the serious issues that face small business is that of a lack of cash. Many of us require certain skills to build our businesses but do not have the cash to pay appropriate sums for those skills. Each of us have skills to offer and each of us require certain skills so why don't we barter where we can.

My needs: I currently have 3 registered websites. The one is running fairly well another is up but needs work and the other is up but as a template without proper artwork or structure.

The websites are:

I am sure that I will be able to sort out the issues eventually but the problem is of course that it takes me a long time to work how to do what I would like to do. Then there is the matter of time, I already work till 1am on the business let alone on the websites. This is left for Saturday afternoons.

I have many different skills, mostly technical in nature, and I also manufacture various items which are not all listed on the websites. So if you are keen to barter your web skills for my skills then contact me and lets do a deal.