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    Good day to all just a quick one on some advice needed

    I would like to find out if there is a web site or would anyone know of a group of investor/s or business partner.

    I am looking to start a business and looking at how to fund it start up capital ect i am willing to offer a % in the company and pay back once the company starts making a profit, I have done my research and already have several clients lined up. I have a VERY good knowledge of the industry about 19 years.
    for more details please PM me
    Thank you in advance

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    I just joined something that is a good return for me.

    It is a month now and I have $175 return on something I paid $30 for but Its not an investment in the traditional sense. Its a Viral advertising opportunity.

    I paid this company $30. In return they get me views for my site and to opt in as my refferal marketers. For those who join and market I get $5 each. I dont sponsor them myself. Thats why I paid my $30. At first I just thought this is a nice kick back on advertising but its exploding now. Every day I see more and more $5 payments comming into my Alertpay account.

    The site guarantees five referrals and then five for those five etc. Oh and if you have more stuff to advertise you may buy as many positions as you choose.

    I worked it out. I am going to earn minimum $19.530.00 for my once off $30 payment.

    So like I said its not a traditional investment but if your aim is to put money into something and to have it returned to you plenty fold then what I am doing is good for me.

    I also like the idea of earning $ US you know? Because you cannot enrich a country by shuffling money internally but if you can bring money in from the outside you are on the right track.

    I have been looking for simmilar opportunities where you pay Dollars US once off for multiple returns and I found a few more besides that one. But this one is running ahead so far.

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    I am very interested in your Viral advertising opportunity. Are they looking for more investors?

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