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Thread: The humble time sheet

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    The humble time sheet

    I recently used an electrical contracting company as a sub-contractor to do a major electrical refit on a ship. There was quoted work and there were also day-works, ie hourly rates applied. The timesheets were completed on a daily basis, listing name, occupation, hours, job number, job description, etc.
    When the time came to settle the bill, a noticed that it was excessive and discovered that a labourer had become an operator and two operators had become electricians - at double the quoted rate!
    Yestreday I brought this to the attention of the CEO, and called a meeting with the project manager, MD, accountant and the CEO. When I stated my case about being charged an electrician's rate for an operator, there was a lot of huffing and puffing about how the operator they provided was as good as a qualified electrician and they could sell him at as an electrician, blah, blah.
    When I produced the quotes, with the signed timesheets indicating the occupations of their personnel, it was a jaw-dropping, eye-popping moment and the outcome is that they do not have a leg to stand on and they have to adjust their invoices accordingly. Quite frankly, this was fraud on their part.
    It was the unlawful misrepresentation of facts; the intention to provide false information, knowing that I would suffer prejudice because of it, and it was calculated to prejudice me.
    Hanged by their own time-sheets. Brilliant!

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    just a word of advice with regards to sub as the main contractor becomes liable for all offences committed by the sub not paying over staff deduction...using people to do work who do not have the correct skills...and under paying staff...making staff do work they are not qualified to do...registered with the bargaining council etc etc...i am sure you are aware of this...i unfortunelty learnt the hard way.

    if not those time sheets could be used against you if the this matter had to end up in hopefully they are filled in correctly and the employees have only carried out work they are skilled to do.

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