I've been asked to post this by Chris Bouwer. Apparently he's struggling to copy and paste:

We were before TV, frozen foods, plastic, contact lenses, videos, dvd, cell phones, the pill,credit cards, dishwashers,tumble driers, electric blankets, air conditioners and computers.

We got married first, then lived together (how quaint can you be?)

A "Big Mac" was an oversized raincoat

Crumpet was what you ate with tea

We existed before house-husbands,computer dating, duel careers and when a "meaningful relationship" meant getting along with your cousins, and "sheltered accommodation" is where you waited for the bus.

We were before daycare centres and disposable nappies

For us "time-sharing" meant togetherness, a "chip" was a piece of wood or a fried potato,"hardware" meant nuts & bolts, and software wasn't a word.

"Making out" refered to how you did in exams,"stud" was something that fastened a collar to a shirt, and "going all the way" meant staying on the double decker bus to the depot.

Pizzas, "steers" and instant coffee were unheard of.

Cigarette smoking was fashionable, "grass" was mown, a "joint" was a piece of meat you had on Sunday, and "pot" was something you cooked in.

A "gay" person was the life and soul of the party and nothing more, while "aids" just meant beauty treatment or help for someone in trouble.

We must be a hardy bunch when you think of the ways in which the world has changed and the adjustments we have had to make, no wonder there is a generation gap.................BUT we have survived!!!