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Thread: On privatisation of regulatory activities.

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    On privatisation of regulatory activities.

    Over the years various 'regulatory' functions have been privatised as government has struggled to cope with the burden - not just here but around the world.

    My original core competency is exactly one of these functions that was privatised here in 1954.

    But I see in the UK there are signs that the system might not be working so well just at the moment. This story talks about the failure of privatised building inspectors making sure that insulaton is up to standard - and it seems a failure of the system. The implication is that privatisation is fundamently flawed.

    But I think they're missing a point here - If the inspector signs off on substandard workmanship, then he/she should be accountable for the ignored shortcoming.

    And the incentive to simply sign off defects is suddenly removed.

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    It's all about responsibility. Sometimes I feel like we live in a world where no-one is to blame for their own actions.

    It wasn't me
    It's not my fault

    It's a Bart Simpson world.

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