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Thread: COC on shop in a shopping center

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    COC on shop in a shopping center

    Been asked to do a Test and Inspection on a shop in a large shopping center so they can have a COC. The shop is just a single phase fuse board with a 10 or so circuits in it, no problem. The shopping center will not let have access to anything before the fuse board in the shop. I can only test whats in the shop. As long as I note this on the COC that the Certificate only covers the shop fuse board and not anything before it, am I ok. Sorry to ask daft questions but testing I fully understand but the certificates I used in the UK had a section for "limitations" in that its reasonable to say that you can't shut down the whole shopping center to check a main incoming fuse if its not visible or that you want to shut down the main DB so you can work on it safely to do a test on one submain. As long as this is noted, am I covered? I know in Section 3 it says Description of installation covered by this report, If I state in that section that only what I mentioned above, DB, equipment and circuits in the shop are covered is that acceptable. Am I covered. The other information (type of earthing TNS/TNC-S they can be provided by the Maintenance guys at the shopping centre(that fact will be noted too). I know your going say "no, you should test the lot" but you have to realistic. I can't shut down large sections of a shopping center. Advise. I'm all for doing thing correctly but like I said you have to be realistic. I won't put my name to anything I can't check. Thoughts?


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    I think its ok? I would see the shop as a house in a complex, and henceforth would test it as a seperate premises.

    You would need to inform the maintenance guys that you will be doing a loop and PSCC test, which may trip other circuits if you test from the shop DB......possibly they will assist you more . Alternatively, get the numbers from them, and make them sign next to it on the COC once you're done, or get them to write it on a piece of paper, and attach it as a reference document.
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