Due to rapid increase in IT support companies and IT suppliers consumers often find themselves in a situation where they are constantly pursued to make an investment in a new ‘great’ product that is sugar coated by one company or another very often only to find themselves in a situation whereby they end up with either useless or redundant equipment at a much higher cost then what they would actually need in order to achieve their business goal.
In today's industry it is all about knowing your competition and being competitive. Let's face it, everything runs with assistance from computers. IT technologies are a key to being a more competitive and more productive then your competitor. With our revolutionary IT Audit scheme we aim at evaluating your current IT infrastructure, cutting out unnecessary costs that drain your cash flow and introducing technology that will give you that competitive edge your company needs. For more information and to see how your business can benefit and gain strategic advantage over your competition by using the correct IT systems please visit www.sitc.co.za or give us a call on 011-907-1416/7/8 or email info@sitc.co.za.
If you have specific information technology concern, we invite you to place your replies in this tread and put our knowledge of the IT industry to the test!
We are cencerly looking forward to hearing from you and assisting you in growing your business!