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Thread: CC registration name not approved

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    CC registration name not approved

    Hi, can anyone assist with my query relating to a cc registration. The name I wanted to register has not been approved. The conflict name identified does not make sense as a conflict also the Reason given: Qualify further with a word describing your principal business.
    Does this mean I need to change the cc name or in the section describing the business activity elaborate more on the business's main activity.

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    These replies can be rather generic. You problem is probably along these lines:

    You're trying to register as "XYZ Services" which might be too close to an existing registered name. However, they might accept "XYZ Plumbing Services".

    You can get a similar problem in describing the scope of activities as well. And you have to be a bit careful about it as you are placing limitations on what activities the company can carry on with. The name might be a clue, but the scope of activity is a rule.

    A friend of mine once said "just put your scope as consulting services, then you can do anything." Probably lost on anyone who doesn't have a dry sense of humour.

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    I had a similar problem once, so I registered the domain name for the name I wanted motivated it in my name reservation and wam bam I got it. Maybe I was just second time lucky, I do not know.

    But the response you got sounds like the name you are trying to reserve is to generic and close to existing names so they want to ensure that you specify your principle business in more detail to ensure it is not related to closely named existing businesses.
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