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Thread: Friend Looking for Job in IT

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    Friend Looking for Job in IT

    Hi Guys.

    A friend of mine is looking for a new job in IT.
    He is currently the graphic designer for a company that makes plastic displays, but his future is going no where over there.
    He wants to find a job where he can advance a career, and climb the ladder. He has got experience with programming
    in Visual Basic, and is busy teaching himself PHP and MySQL.

    He is willing to start in a Junior Position, and depending on the pay, is willing to relocate to anywhere in South Africa (The initial
    salary would obviously have to enable him to rent a place).

    He hasn't got any qualifications, but has got 5 years experience in graphic design, and over a decade of personal and freelance experience
    in programming (i.e. since he was a kid).

    If any of you are looking for someone to work in an IT position, preferably that can incorporate on the job training, or know of someone
    looking, please PM me, and I will forward you his CV, or send me the relevant contact number / email and I will get him to be in touch.


    If you need any Accounting, Tax or even Financial Management advice, PM me and I'll try help and keep your information confidential.

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    please ask your friend to email me his CV, leana@pdsg,, let me see what i can do,,

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