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Thread: Is google still having trouble?

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    Is google still having trouble?

    I was just checking how we're going with the search engines.

    MSN is looking good. No 1 under the forum sa, no 3 under business forums south africa. So far so good.

    Google - nowhere. Not a sign of a google crawler here and a few other sites I administer that normally get crawled regularly.

    Now I read about a month ago that google was having challenges, mainly caused by dummy sites. Apparently there are scripts that can churn out these sites (specially designed to increase google rankings of the target site) about every 30 seconds.

    The report reckoned that about a third of google's servers were full of these dummy sites - a situation that had escalated drastically over the last six months.

    When I last popped through a webmasters forum, there was much howling and gnashing of teeth over the whole issue - but I reckon a few of those heavy weights only had themselves to blame.

    Still, under current circumstances, it seems if you want the freshest content, you're going to have to use MSN - at least for now. I'm sure google will get over their challenges. Just surprised it's taken this long already.

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    Google takes a bit longer

    Google takes a bit longer than MSN, I believe it can take them up to 90 days to do a "Sweep" to update their servers. I Read in an Article in Popular Mechanics that they have in excess of 270 000 Servers worldwide, mindblowing!

    I was getting very disgrunted when I first launched my Umhlanga site but over the years it's just been climbing and climbing and climbing. Pity I let the thing fall behind with maintenance

    Give it a few more weeks and I'm sure the hits will start coming in nicely.


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    Every month I do a little check on Google to see how we are going. And there is one search phrase that has been driving me nuts.

    Everywhere else we have been number one for a while, but on Google we have been nowhere. Well not quite. Last month we were on page 6, up from page 12 the month before.

    Tonight we are no. 4. Yee ha! Page 1 above the fold - At last.
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