I've made something of an observation during the course of my extended weekend down in the Cape.

Getting a place to stay on fairly short notice proved interesting. B&B's couldn't help me during the week, and self-catering was full for the weekend. I ended up staying at a self-catering for Thursday night and a B&B for the weekend - both with the same star rating.

Staying in the two back to back I've had something of an epiphany. B&B is more suited to the business traveler - self-catering is better suited to the holiday maker. The self-catering had a kitchenette, seperate mini-lounge, great bathroom facilities. However, all I was getting for internet connectivity was GPRS which is kinda painful for those who are used to substantially more.

The B&B was a bedroom, "bathroom" in a cupboard really and that was about it for space. But you get a great breakfast and fast internet oozing out of the wall.

And thinking back over the various self-catering and B&B establishments I have stayed at over the past few years, I'm inclined to think that experience has been consistent enough to call.