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Thread: Conversion Factors Stage 6

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    Conversion Factors Stage 6

    Stage 6

    Conversion Factors needs to be identified in order to ensure that you create successful leads or sales. A conversion factor is in other words the first step every visitor will take in order to get trapped into the carefully planned sales funnel.

    Some examples of conversion factors are:

    • Successful subscription
    • Contact through email
    • An actual sale
    • A Click through to a splash page
    • Request for information
    • A booking
    • Lead generation
    • Viral spread
    • Download

    There can be other examples essentially a conversion means that you have accomplished your main objective with a specific website element.

    Qualities of a conversion factor

    The main qualities of a conversion factor are that it should contain one of the following key elements:

    Make an offer

    The first and most important point that you need to get is that no visitor will convert if they do not receive an offer. Making an offer is a simple thing to do but ironically the majority of websites do not make any kind of offer and simply provide information.

    Although information can be a crucial point in terms of online marketing in general, it seldom makes an offer. If you want to earn money of your website, regardless of what industry you are in, you need to make an offer to ensure that you obtain a conversion.

    I am sure you have noticed many websites that are miles long constantly “selling” their product through tons and tons of content. Why do people create these large pages? Because it works!

    If you think of your website do you have an offer?

    An offer combines elements of believable value and squeeze.
    “For the next 48 hours only, signup FREE and get a laser pen!”
    “Special discount valid only for the next 3 hours!“
    Combining the squeeze with real perceived value can make a real difference between a conversion and a bleep on the radar.

    Planning and channelling visitors through the sales funnell

    Using the Freemind software brainstorm a few scenarios with a backward planning technique.

    Write down the end destination that a visitor must reach in order to make you money.

    From there create the different sources from which the visitor can reach the destination and start visualising your sales funnel. It is important to keep visitors within this sales funnel therefore you need think from their perspective what of the following issues they might have and answer it before they ask it to themselves.

    1. What is being offered in return for what?

      E.g. “You give me $10 and I give you a book”

      In other words both of us obtained something from this offer
    2. Is this offer logical?
    3. Is this offer sensible?
    4. What is the duration? The sooner the better!
    5. But most importantly the visitor will ask themselves the following key questions that you must answer during the sales funnel
      • Is this a good offer?
      • What are they trying to sell me and how much will it cost?
      • Can I afford it?
      • Can I afford being without it?
      • What value do I get
      • What benefits do I get?
      • Why should I believe this offer?
      • Is there urgency?

    The number of conversion factors

    The number should always be limited to the least possible. The less conversion factors there is the better the chances that the visitor will end up in the sales funnel.

    In the case of a company website this could be challenging but in the case where your core focus is to get money from your website it is plain and simple, have your maximum number of conversion factors resulting into one sales funnel and close the deal. But do not make a Christmas tree, ensure that animation and attention grabbers are kept to the minimum else none of them will work

    Location of conversion factors

    In general conversions factors are the first step into the sales funnel and must be brief and clear. It must capture the visitor’s eye and brings the entire message across within 1 -3 seconds maximum.

    When writing content to address the possible questions that visitors might ask themselves constantly integrate a conversion factor that can act as a deal closer.
    Roelof Vermeulen (Entrepreneurship in large organizations)
    Roelof Vermeulen| Project Management Experts

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