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Thread: how private is your life

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    how private is your life

    we have just learnt that a friends husband who are temp. seperated...has access to eveything she is doing ie...they suspect that he cloned her sim he can listen in to all her calls...see who she is calling and who has called...has remote access to the webcams and mics on the pcs in the house...he set it all up while they were together including passwords etc...he doesnt know that we have found out so now the fun is gona least if you know soemone has access you can play along.

    all you tech boffs out there how true is this...and if it is true what action can be taken ie change passwords...monitor what devices are being accessed....can you open a crimminal case against the person for invasion of privacy etc?

    if this is true the next time you leave your webcam on in the bedroom and decide to crack out the leathers and could be part of a live show so make an impression eeeeish

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    Your friend may want to seek legal advice on her best position.
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    well, webcam and mics will be available via the internet. Depending on how advanced this guy is, take a look at the startup for any funnies. if you want to keep it for evidence, I would say remove it from the internet access and keep it isolated. otherwise he could just decide to remote in and delete the programs. Depending on how he got the copies of the sims (friends in high places), maybe go pre-paid.

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    Cloning a mobile SIM is not so difficult but the equipment is really expensive. “YES” it can be done but you can switch your SIM off and let your service provider check if your “clone” is still active. This is relatively new in South Africa... “Scary thoughts just now”

    Secondly, yes remote tools will allow you to access the computer over the net but as stated before it needs to automatically start-up. But if he is clever it will run in the background. Go to RUN command type in msconfig and click on the startup apps. Also check your services tab to see if nothing is added there.

    Again as recommended keep the system away from the internet but I do know that some people do use a wireless LAN configuration. Now it can be a big radio device OR it will look like a USB-memory drive. This device can be concealed within the computer box. Also check for any wireless PCI cards or even a network cable.

    Check your phone for any strange applications that might be running on it...
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