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    Psychology of the Q

    Returned after 5 years to renew my drivers license last week.

    So down here in Durban, one drives to the central license depot and as you enter the grounds your heart drops as you realise just finding parking is going to be a challenge. In the distance you see the q's of people and other beings and your mind goes wild....should do this next week rather....should have come earlier....should have come later. Eventually I settled into a mode that said, 'you are here now, just get on with it.'

    Found the q for the renewal and settled in for the day.

    Once I had progressed to the bench section where you can polish the planks, from the standing section about halfway through the morning, the person next to me asks 'Am I in the right q?'

    Up to that stage I had not thought about this probem, but suddenly had a panic attack as I realised that I may not have the correct answer to this question. Then settled down as I thought this person was just an MI5 plant to create a destablised situation in the ranks.

    The overall thoughts then went to the problems of q's and especially q's for any government or related organisations activities.

    I mean look at them:-
    • There is generally no signage telling one, and confirm whether this is the correct q.
    • There is difinitely no signage telling you what the procedure is, what you require and what will take place, once you are lucky to get to the front.
    • The q itself will be in general disarray as it winds on a course around the building where the final destination will be.
    • Finding the end of the q and a potential slot for yourself is mission all on its own.
    • There will often be more than one 'end of the q', depending who feels they are in charge.
    • There will always be a person in the q who will be in charge of the end of the q.
    • Any forms required go be filled in, for the final destination will be found at the front of the q not towards the back where you are going to stand.
    • Some stage during your period in the q, someone will make you realise that you have no form and will have to go and get one.
    • Mind gymnastics then occur as you realise you may not be let back into 'your space' in the q.
    • Negotiation was not a forte in your existance, but suddenly you perform like an old stalwart.
    • Glaring at people, coming back into the q is secondary to glaring at people who just push in.
    • There will never be a pen to help you fill in the form.
    • Individuals and sometimes groups of people will push their way in front or stand on the odd corner pretending not to know that the q actually goes around the corner.
    • It is fine to practise and try and perfect coughing, sniffing, snorting and sneezing routines in a q of this nature.
    • You wonder why there are no serious cases of 'queue rage'.
    • There are never any pictures or nice things to look at, only the grey dirty walls and broken doors and furniture.
    • It is fine to show to those around you that you are insecure and do not know what to do when getting to the front of the q.
    • There is always an individual that will know all and has done this many times and can tell you this is what is going on.
    • For some reason that individual is often wrong.
    • When you get the front or close to the front of the q, time stands forever.
    • When you get to the front of the q, it is tea time and the person 'responsible' will not be there.
    • You realise that if you were in charge, two extra people would speed up the process fourfold.
    • You know along with every other person in the q that you could do a better job.
    • You spend two minutes handing in the form and doing the necessary tests and leave.
    • You wonder if there is any intellegent life on the planet.
    • It is ok to look successful and haughty at all of those still in the q, as you leave.
    • You wonder why, if it took you two minutes to do the deed, did you stand for for four hours in the q.
    • You sigh deeply, hope and start praying that the q will not be as bad when you come and get the final article in four weeks time.
    • You think you will sign the petition that calls for anything online related government requirements.
    • You watch sky news and cnn and realise that its the same process the world over.
    • You realise there is no hope for this world and that the words 'government form' and 'easy process' will always be a figment of imaginations.
    • For some unknown reason you sleep for 24 hours hereafter and wonder where your week went to.
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    bwahahaha - and there I was thinking I was the only paranoid queue avoider!! I get freaked out because what if I take the wrong option and end up wasting my own time.....oh lordy, life is complicated...


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    what always amazes me is how long the enquiry que is to ask which q to stand in and there are never people to assist with this type of thing.

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    Once again I wish to bring in ABSA... Yes the bank Q is probably the most frustrating thing in the known world! I was waiting in line when a gentleman and his seven friends just pushed people out of the way and went to stand in front of the Q. Well what did the guards do? Absolutely nothing! So I Walked out of the Q and headed to the bank managers office.

    Opened the door and ended his phone call for him. I was brash, I was angry and above all I was just losing it! I told him that I give him 5 minutes to get this crap sorted or else! He just stared up at me and told me in his words “f*ck off” no joke that was his words.

    So I walked out of the bank. A few months later the same thing happened again. And the ABSA bank manager couldn’t care less. But this time I headed to his office I was followed by few others. Now we told him if he wants to lose all our accounts and have complaints put against him in head office He will take action!

    The security guards were called in and the situation was resolved. But my question is why did he allow it to happen a few times and why was a mob mentality needed?

    Oh and a few of us did indeed entered a complaint against him. He is no longer manger at our ABSA branch.
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    I hate being in a Q where the person behind you (usually a short fat female) insists in ramming the protruding bits into your bum or back, as if this will move the Q any faster.

    I once stepped aside and said quite loudly "If you insist in standing where I am please take this place" to which she shuffled up and said thanks, luckily the other guys in the Q behind her laughed and said I was being sarcastic. she apologised and moved back.

    Now I just step back and put my heel on their feet, works like a charm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynn View Post
    I once stepped aside and said quite loudly "If you insist in standing where I am please take this place" to which she shuffled up and said thanks

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