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    went to westville hospital today got chatting to the scan lady...everyone wanted to know how baby was and how she had recovered...and the lady told me about how the doctor had made her feel that she didnt know what she was doing and there was nothing wrong with the child but eventually it turns out her child also had a serious internal infections.

    the reason for this thread is because of doctors...pediatricians...

    after numerous visits the doc who said everything was fine and my daughter just had a common cold and my wife was just a nurotic mother...and she had nothing to worry about just take a box of these pills and if they dont work come back in 2 weeks...well 3 months later she was still going i decided to take the trip with her to find out wht was going turned out that she was in cardiac arrest while he was looking at her...i rushed her to the sands where she spent 21 days in icu (she was 3 months old)...after 19 days we were told by the same doctor that it didnt look like she was gona make it and we should prepare ourselves...the nurse who was looking after her in icu told us to get a second opinion becuase if we didnt this doctor would kill our we did...3 days later she was out of icu...she is now 17 years old... thank god for dr botha who saved her life.

    now 17 years later...i have had to go thru the same misfortune with doctors...with the new addition to our wife picked the wrong pediatrician again...3 months of hell...fianally doctor botha was called in to the resucue...she is a year old and recovered beutifully.

    there is only one peditrician who i trust with my childrens lives doctor botha...the man is a legend.

    i have also found the martin a little more expensive but worth every cent...very proffessional in his approuch...after changing from one of the others it was a good choice.

    the lady who carries out his scans is brilliant...points out everything and explains what you see in detail...cant say the same for the first scans we had done with the other gynie.

    speak to people there might be a problem with the child...another thing we found out...after getting a 10 out 10 for the well being of the child when was discovered that she had a dislocated shoulder...which was causing pain.

    i wish we could sue doctors in this country.

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    and they are all still "practicing"
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    Well I used to take care of a young girl from six months to the age of 3 years old. It was the most joy I would ever know but her mom and dad got their own place and now I am lucky if I see her in the parking lot.

    Still about a year ago she had a horrible ear infection and I knew it was an ear infection but our bloody doctor said she was fine! So one night she was just not herself and I could see the temperature rising so I got hold of an old doctor that I knew was good and he had her hospitalised and in just 1 day she was fine again.

    To this day the doctored that made the wrong diagnoses is still considered one of the best! To me this doctor can go jump off a cliff! My advice is always get a second opinion!
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    Doctors! the only people who make money from sick people!
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    this sounds similar to what a friend has gone through.

    Their baby was also constantly sick, and the doctor kept on telling them it's going to be fine. Needless to say,they were in & out of ICU for 3 months - R400K later (no medical aid), when the dad told the doctor that he couldn't afford him anymore.

    2 days later they were dispelled from the hospital, and put up for debt collection. They took their baby to another hospital, government one, and the baby was "healed" ion 3 days. Makes you wonder what the doctor did to keep the baby sick the whole time!
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    ^ I have to wonder whether it may be useful to investigate a malpractice suit against the quack, in question?
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