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Thread: 768-bit RSA cracked, 1024-bit safe (for now)

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    768-bit RSA cracked, 1024-bit safe (for now)

    read here
    admittedly my eyebrows raised when I saw there was a 768-bit encryption, and raised even further when I saw 1024-bit. admittedly cracking it won't be any walk in the park for an average hacker but that's some seriously mean defense.

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    technically, there can be an "any-bit" encryption algorithm

    1024 & 2048 are just much stronger, because more bits are used, hence it's not as easy to crack as a 768 or lower one.
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    Inscription headers are a bit old school but thanks to a faster more effective internet system it is inevitable for cluster attacks to become the norm. Think about it a million computers each doing a single attack every time an unsuspecting person logs on to the supper-fast internet.

    Still decryption key high-jacking remains the choice attack when it comes to hacking an inscription of about 1024-bit encryptions. This is done by impregnating the destination computer with a virus that is able to remove the inscription via admin permissions and then send a copy out to a destination “free e-mail” account. Still firewalls can block most transmissions so it is key to get an unprotected port for the transmission.

    Still to-date the only person that was able to do this was imprisoned so I don’t think we will see a repeat of this today. “Thankfully”
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