Hi Everyone,

I live in East London and own a franchised chicken restaurant which I took over in July. We are experiencing major financial problems not because the business is not performing well (I grew turnover by 100k in the first month of operation) but because its finance was not structured well in the first place. The franchisor insisted on us paying as much as we had as cash reserves as own contribution. As a result we are unable to secure additional facilities from FNB Commercial and are really struggling. As a result a lot of our commitments are now months behind.

We have approached other banks but the problem is that we have to wait for anything up to four months before they pay out because of having to move the notarial bond we gave FNB Commercial as surety into their own name. We do not have that much time.

Please let me know if you have experienced similiar difficulties and how you managed to overcome them or advise on alternative methods for the finance we need. Im keen to look at selling a portion of the shares if anyone is interested. Any investors out there?