Well I am sure that all of us had to get a Bluetooth device for our beloved overly expensive internet. Yes we do get ripped off by all the telecommunications companies in South Africa but it gets better boys and girls!

Yes the Bluetooth device itself is really not that bad if you compare it with Ebola but the software! My, my who ever thought to give Bluesoleil the right to be sold with almost every Bluetooth device I hope burns in hell. This useless crappy bomb-happy piece of crap software messes up your registry, your installer and it freezes your computer more so then anything else that I have ever seen in my life. It is total crap! And I really do hope that other Bluetooth manufactures stay away from this software.

It took me two days to get it of my system and in the end I had to formant because it just messed up everything! The OS was totally unresponsive and basically useless thanks to Bluesoleil it is really to the point where I just stepped on my Bluetooth device and crushed it into a thousand pieces!

Are the Bluetooth manufacturers really that stupid! Honestly right now I am looking for other software to run with my Bluetooth because this is just BS and if I can’t find it then from this point I will recommend phones with a USB only support to clients and make damn sure I never ever have to see another Bluetooth device again ever!

Just go and have a look at the Bluesoleil website! It is absolutely useless just like the software! Really if you are planning on a Bluetooth device make sure you stay away from Bluesoleil it is really not worth it!