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Thread: The Quest for Online Lucre

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    The Quest for Online Lucre

    It seems that the internet is totally saturated with folk who are chasing around, like enraged bulls after rapidly receding red Capes, trying their best to make an (dis?)honest buck or so.

    I've been connected to the 'net for many years, had my own sites, done the odd bit of business, looked after club sites, blogged, joined affiliate programs and so on, and so on.

    With the rapid development in "intuitive" sites, it has become much easier to set up and run a website than in earlier times. This has given rise to a formidable collection of websites that are created to "help" Internet junkies hit the Mother Lode.


    Been there, done that, got the bank managers’ staff chasing my ass looking for money.

    It is nice to be popular. My next target group is lawyers!

    With the choice one now has to get involved in an absolute myriad of MAKE MONEEEEY! Opportunities on the 'net, it is inevitable that the odd charlatan make an appearance, make a mint, and move on. To the next scam.

    To follow the Net Guru's is another way of getting broke. They will all tell you that duplicating their efforts is the only way to go if you need riches. Think again. You, and the Guru, are two totally different unique individuals, with different values, needs, and aspirations. Anyway, the Guru wants you to use his system because he is offering you membership of an "elite" affiliate programme. That anyone can join. The guy who makes the money in an Affiliate programme? The guy at the top. The guru.

    Others will tell you to join communities. I enjoy communities. They're great fun. And you get to meet so many wonderful people with the same or similar interests! And apart from that there is another thing binding you all together into a single community grouping. Each and every one of you is trying to market your product or service. To each other! And its ALL the same product!!!!!!

    Daym! So we scrap communities....

    You could try link exchange programmes, read e-mails and Get Paid, any one of the schemes that feature when you type "money making opportunities on the internet" into your search engine. They all have Money Made Instantly Testimonials. And the 80%/ 20% Pareto Principle comes into force.

    You, it would seem are doomed to failure. Along with the rest of the 80%.

    There is hope for you though. Before I tell you what it is, just a quick reminder. I am NOT a Guru.
    I do NOT have a mailing list I want you on, in order to bombard you with mailing after nonsensical mailing. I am, like you, a normal everyday kinda bloke, from the been there done that brigade.

    For ordinary people, success on the Internet goes about your own well-designed website, selling a product or service that has a demand.

    You would do extremely well to spend your time, money, and effort on optimizing and promoting your own website, and not someone else’s.
    I'm one of the T's from TnT Unleashed Web design, photography and writing services

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    I like so far. It's going to be interesting to see where you go with this.

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