So basically the internet did give countless businesses the opportunity to do business over the internet. We can buy books, DVD online but then the e-commercial system started to expand where you can now get just about anything online.

Still I think this is good for the economy and all that but are we buying stuff on face value alone? Last night I had a look for a good “professional sound system” Now the shops here don’t stock the “big” stuff and I can’t really find what I am looking for. So I did a bit of online research and found a few good amps and speaker systems.

Now this is all good and well but these are online stores and they don’t have a physical address?? Thus it is expected of you to buy something without having a look at it first. “Red lights” and what are more you don’t even know if the company is really able to carry the warrantee on the thing.3
Now the same can be said for jewellery, art and more importantly electronic hardware. See quality is still important to me as it is to most people and it is difficult to underline quality on face value alone.

Yes you do have your facts and a good general grasps of what it is you are looking at but I do feel that I want to see the hardware in action, experience the beauty first hand before I hand over my cash. Still what is expected of us is to simply buy what is on offer without ever really seeing it in real life, and that I feel will become a big problem for e-commercialization.

I personally feel that there needs to be a relation between physical and online stores. Still in the end one must consider the economy, sustainability and cost.

Still this being said, e-commercialization is basically a “credit card only” world. EFT is used yes but even big companies have trouble using these facilities and there is a question of security. Are your transactions safe... will the delivery be on time? How are your goods being handled? These are real questions we must look at when it comes to e-commercialization.

What do you think?