The Beginners Guide To What is "Branding You Inc" And How Can It Increase Your Sales

Written by Adam Taha on Dec 06, 2009 2:27 AM Share It!

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What is "Branding You" And How Can It Increase Your Sales?

In the past there was confidence in having a job. There was the part that many worked for years in one job and when you said to someone, what they did - they'd reply..

"WE create steel components for your washing machine."
"We create chips for your computer."
"We work for IBM."

The "WE" isn't cried out that strong in the job market because no one really knows how long they going to stay in that job. Some move to four jobs in one to four years.

Branding for people at that time, was the status of their job, the status of wages, the track record and the association that really didn't help them It was the new furniture, their son getting a degree or the daughter graduated in honours.

And the people they knew in their circle would talk and that's what the father, mother, wanted. It raised their status in the eyes of who they associated with and with the neighbours.

The people would join some association or be a governor, or give to their neighbours and community - and people would say...
"So, so does this and..."

Which got people talking about this person and the branding of this person began.

Advertising On TV, Movies Gets People Talking..

If you look at advertising, it's goal is to program the mind of the people to continue to talk in the minds of the people as much as possible.

Take a careful look at Disney, Dreamworks and you will see branding is happening. Also with Twilight Saga which bored the heck out of me created a following, a fan base and...people are talking.

If you also take a look at Richard Brandson - he'd do some crazy stuff and adventureous stuff, to get the media talking.

The media talked and people read and that's when the people started talking.

He took care of Branding himself and his team took care of running the business by following the systems he put in place.

Why You Don't Have To Fly A Hot Air Balloon To Brand You

Times have changed and a new world has now arrived called the Internet. It provides the opportunities for anyone to brand themselves.

With knowing your purpose, creating a strategy and using a blog, an autoresponder and the social media tools - you're on your way to brand you.

You don't need to spend thousands and million pounds of commercials, photography glossy shoot magazine covers. Nor do you need to print hundreds and thousands of flyers about a company and what you sell.

It's about people, finding what their needs are, starting a dialogue between communities, within your niche to raise curiousity to find out more about you.

It's here where I say, "it's not enough to just do this because you do need skills in converting prospects to customers.."

Still, in a matter seconds, you can impact people's lives in giving value and people will start talking.

You may not see the talk on your blog, if you're just starting but if you use Google Alert, you may see people mentioning you as the email alerts hits your e-inbox.

What Is Branding You Inc Today?

Most will say..

"Branding is about you leading with you, your life, your photograph and having emails that brings the solution but also your story. Its about having a blog and you speaking and sharing."

Let's clear the confusion and really go into what branding you really means because this is just the surface of it.

The heart of it is really getting our audience to talk. Providing content that creates a dialogue between your prospects to talk to each other.

To sharing with each other and even talk to you.

Then you reveal this to the world at a greater level, with your ebook showing examples, video tutorials. Revealing the social proof of the strength of your brand.

There is something magical about this part I really love. When we step back to observe and listen, a wonderful thing happens..
Your prospects will tell you exactly what they need.

Branding is what people say about you......when you walk out of the room, or forum, or twitter, or blog, or video you posted on the internet.

It also works offline.

Branding is what people say about you....when they walk out of your home, shop, business and meeting.

In essence, branding isn't what we marketer's say.

It's really, what the people say about..

1. The quality of your content
2. The value of your ebook, products etc
3. The training you've provided to someone.
4. Or the lack of value of your content
5. The way your customer service is just awesome
6. How they feel about you after speaking to you on the phone
7. Your emails and if they spam or amazing content

The moment people come together online or offline and speak about are branding you. So be vigilant, be on the alert and see what people are saying.

Not to go and attack but be part of the conversation because you can influence a change in the conversation

What Do You Stand For And Is Your Story Consistent?

To understand how we can use branding to help us, we need to first understand how it works. In understanding how it works, we can be clear in applying strategies to give more value to our prospects, to the community we are active in.

You see - when we are clear what value is about, what branding is truly about, then we have done something that most haven't figured out. We become clear on...

• What we stand for
• Our own values and beliefs
• Where we want to go
• Who we want to associate with
• Who we want to give and share to or with
• And exactly what is our purpose in life, business and all we do
• Our Story..

It's really happiness when we get this right

When we are true to ourselves, Branding isn't something we get but instead we are in tune with our true self. We are self aware of exactly where we are going in our life, our business and the vision.

When we accept who we are and the people for who they are too - and be genuine, honest....

Branding becomes a powerful gift that will forever change our life, and the lives of the people we speak to and share, and do business with.

We will have direction, we will do what we love. We will have such a desire for excellence and never spam, never pitch, never trick anyone because...

It's not what we say that really counts.

It's what the people say about us....when we leave the room.

It's how people's lives have been enriched. It's how their privacy has not been invaded. It's how we deliver with 110 quality.

It's saying sorry when we get it wrong.

It's how people see and "feel" this and know it to be real and say...

"Have you heard of so, so! You have got to check this person out because..." what people say about you....when you leave the room.

The day you leave a room and the light is still on, and the people feel great and wish you didn't leave and they follow you - is the day, we have cracked it.

The better you are at marketing, the less you need to sell yourself because...

Your skill and strategy has given the platform, the reason, the tools for your massive crowd of people to do the talking for you. They will rally people to your products. They will promote, send emails, and share your work, even when you're asleep.

They will inspire others about your vision.

They will share your story.

It will build your network and attract fans. It will increase your sales.

You won't need to do everything because...

Branding is...what the people say.....about us when we leave the room.

What's your thoughts and what's working for you?

How are you branding you and what tools you use?