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    After all these years, I now know what I suffered from...........schoolophobia

    School phobia boy granted apology

    A local authority has been forced to apologise for bringing a truancy prosecution against a boy who suffered from a phobia of school.

    A tribunal ruled Suffolk County Council should not have taken the family to court because of the effect it had had on the boy's mental health.
    The boy developed anxiety while off sick with a virus shortly after starting at the east Suffolk school.

    The council said it was considering an appeal against the ruling.
    In the meantime, officials have been told they must write to the family before 1 December.

    The boy, whose identity cannot be revealed, had been diagnosed by a clinical psychologist as suffering from a school phobia.
    He is now 16 and has since taken up his studies at a different school.
    His parents could have been jailed and fined if they had been convicted of failing to ensure he regularly attended school.
    Gary Nethercott, the council's service director for learning, said: "We are committed to ensuring all young people in Suffolk receive the education they are entitled to.
    "We were already working hard with the family to support the child back to school.
    "Unfortunately, because we did not have the relevant confirmation from medical professionals about his condition until the court case, we had to go ahead with the prosecution.
    "We are pleased that the child is now back in education."
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    Every single child on this earth has a phobia of school. I have yet to find a child that loves school so much that they don't want to stay at home and have a social life. This just shows you how fickle governments are today.

    I was speaking to an expat recently who had just returned from England who states we are still a very disciplined country as far as our children and the law are concerned. I am waiting for the day when Vavi's grandchildren grow up and learn about life. He'll go grey overnight.

    I wonder if Union Organizers are allowed to strike.

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