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Thread: Finding your niche Stage 4

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    Finding your niche Stage 4

    Stage 4

    The next step in the process will be to go to Google trends and find the right country to target and to ensure that the keywords you are going to choose are indeed worthwhile.

    Enter the top10 keywords into Google trends separated with a coma. This will give you a report based on geographic location, language and search quantity.

    To a large extend you would wish to stick to English speaking countries. For me anyway, English and Afrikaans is about the languages I can understand. However you will be able to download translation software for Joomla later so export this report to CSV for later use.

    Now go to Google Insights for search select your keywords once again and paste them separated by comas into the search terms box. Go to Filter and select last 12 months. If you like to target a specific country you can also make that selection. Now click search.

    You will immediately notice that some keywords shows more traffic than others. Chances are also good that the keywords you originally thought was strong might appear weaker. The benefit of this tool is that it gives you an indication of the resilience of a specific keyword. Because the first businesses we are going to make live is meant to give us passive and continues income we want to target keywords with a long lifetime.

    After all of this research you should sit with enough information to make a decision as to which keywords you will target. You will know which keywords has the most demand, least competition and the duration you need.

    In the rare case you found that none of the keywords you choose was worth much. A bit of brainstorming might be required. In this case I would suggest that you do the following, although this is not recommended for a first business.

    Go to the following sites and look at the keywords that are currently in demand. Look at some of the top100 sites for the different countries you wish to target Look at the most popular lists Scroll down to the top 10 eHows Look at the most viewed videos
    Yahoo news Look at the most emailed, Most viewed, Most recommended and popular searches

    There are more sites you can look at, but remember, this is simply for the purpose of brainstorming for keywords.

    Continuously identify keywords that you can associate with and feel that you have some knowledge or expertise of. When you identify a keyword, simply paste it in your excel sheet and start the process of keyword selection from scratch.

    Finding products to sell

    The next step would be to investigate products related to your keywords that you can sell at a profit.

    The first site I always go to is CBEngine or market place.

    CBEngine shows the detail of the top selling items on Clickbank. The most important information you should look for is Gravity (Above 100), Total $/sale (Above $20) and Change (Not less than -5)

    Other sources that you may use is the following (Highly recommended to join their forum as well)

    Once you find a product that suits your keyword, you will go to the next step of planning your marketing campaign.

    NOTE: Before joining any affiliate program do a search on Google for any non-payment issues. This is one of the reasons I recommend affiliates4u they are truly worth their weight in gold when it comes to experience and should be able to point out any affiliate programs that cannot be trusted.

    Types of affiliate programs and marketing acronyms

    In deciding which product you will promote it is essential to discuss the types of commissions and payment structures.

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Signing up with Google Adsense this is what you will get paid. Advertisers pay every time someone clicks on an add. This type of affiliate program is recommended for people with large portal tipe websites, forums, blogs with a general theme etc. It is important to note that you MUST use reputable programs as fraud is a general occurrence in PPC both from the advertiser and affiliate point of view.

    Pay Per Lead (PPL)

    This type of affiliate program normally requires some form of conversion, which is not necessarily a sale. It can be the completion of a questionnaire, download of a free ebook or something similar. I personally do not recommend this one for any affiliate.

    Pay Per Sale (PPS)

    This is one of the best ways of making money online and personally the only way I do it. Normally an affiliate or associate gets paid a commission for each sale that a referral makes. In the casino industry this can be for the lifetime of the player. This can easily bring in large quantities of profits in a very short period of time. Depending on whether or not the commissions are being paid for the lifetime or once-off you should never go for a commission below 20% or $20 per sale. Aim for large commissions in order to make each conversion worthwhile.

    2nd Tier or Multiple tier

    These types of commissions are very nice to have if you have a community of web designers or developers. Every time you convert another affiliate to become a new affiliate with the affiliate program in question you earn a commission on their sales. This means that the affiliate themselves would earn a commission but you will too. Normally 2nd tier or multi tier commissions are much lower than 1st tier, but it works with the power of numbers and can easily add up nicely to a passive income.

    General Rule

    Always have a strategy in place to track traffic you sent the advertiser’s way to ensure their own statistics are accurate and legitimate.
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