Yes it as always about Eskom

However this time around it is not just about Eskom. It is about us... We face a real problem at this point in time, and that is a massif increase in all products. I am talking about; food, water and housing. Face it you cannot eat money. Money doesn’t keep you warm and most of all money is what Eskom is all about.

I honestly don’t know who did Eskom’s planning but how can a 45% be helpful to us? Eskom argue they “the only Power supplier in South Africa” needs more money. In all aspects this 45% will come down to our living cost in every mentionable aspect.

Everything we need to survive will cost us more than ever before. And because everything is costing more, jobs will be sacrificed to keep cost to a minimum. In my point of view I think Eskom will induce a second recession and this time around it will affect all industries across South Africa.

Now if everything goes well for Eskom and indicators are pointing that it will, we as South Africans will see as early as April 2010. A price-hype that was never thought possible. It is also worth mentioning that alternatives are expensive and not always effective thus we are really in trouble this time around.