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Thread: The Law Governing Belief Systems

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    The Law Governing Belief Systems

    Discuss the article "The Law Governing Belief Systems" here.
    You may even be planning some New Year resolutions. To be honest I am not a great fan of this sort of life planning. Resolving to do something different, or improve your life in some way, should not be left to that one time in the year when you are probably celebrating. New Year resolutions seldom work.

    However, planning for your future around this time does make a lot of sense. But what do you want to achieve in 2007? In my experience we tend to set very low goals and even then we fail to achieve them. The reason why we set low goals is to do with what we believe about ourselves.

    Do you believe that you can earn a million rand this year?

    No?...... Why not?

    Read the rest of The Law Governing Belief Systems by Richard Mulvey here.

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    Well worth the read!

    well worth the read! Thanks Richard! I identified with your termed "belief system" in my own little sphere and recognized conquered areas and plan to conquer a few more.
    It's one of the reasons that i chose this quote as a signature last year and obviously focused on the positive.
    "If you think you can,you can. And if you think you can't, you're right!" - Henry Ford
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    I have to say that it's definitely worth a read and most probably why many people aim too low.

    I generally try to aim higher than what I think I can achieve as that is the best way for me to beat my expectations. Knowing that my expectations are so high means I also know that I have to work just a little harder to reach what I'm aiming for.

    The article is nicely written and has a nice mix of real experiences or what could be real, in case you made it up.

    One example of this that I've experienced, not in business but in cycling with a friend. Last year I took part in the Argus. At first when I started out cycling/training I was aiming for a time of 5 hours and so was my friend. Later on I decided that I could do it in 4h30min, still while training and knew that it might be a little harder. My friend on the other hand had his doubts and thought we'd never be able to do it. Bear in mind that he was much fitter and generally a better rider than me. I just went on thinking that we could do it and trained harder. I managed to finish within 4h09m and he finished in 4h20m. Turns out I had passed him through me believing in myself which made me work even harder, while he underestimated us. Just my real work experience of someone underestimating himself.

    It's all about the believing you can do it and not giving up when things get tough.
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    And Richard makes magic again. Bravo and thanks.

    When I first read "Just the way it is!", I recognised that this was going to be a series about aspects of life that I've experienced, know to be true, and don't spend enough time thinking about. It's just so easy to become wrapped up in the humdrum of life as it comes at us.

    It's dead easy to talk about managing cash flow, setting gross profit margins high enough to leave a nett profit once all the bills come in, forget about marketing on price - focus on value, people buy from people they like; logical everyday stuff that's easy to recognise. One only has to look properly to see it.

    But start talking about the stuff that seems just a little mystical - the powers of positive thinking, expectation, visualisation, writing it down... and yet this is the very stuff that really determines our level of success.

    At a surface level, the law seems simple enough. You don't believe it can be done, you don't make the effort needed to make it happen, it doesn't happen. No surprise. But I find it runs deeper than that.

    If you believe you can't, you wont make it whatever you do, even if you say "I'm going to try anyway!" I think this is because your mind will automatically and subliminally make the needed little adjustments to meet your real expectations - your actual perception of the limits of reality. Worse still - if you don't believe you deserve the success you've got, you'll start subtly sabotaging your own efforts.

    I've had a theory for some time that the greatest limitation on any business is the owner. Business not growing? The owner is not expecting it to grow. Business going backwards? The owner's expecting it! Business taking off? The owner expected that too. My experience is the main limit on a business over any reasonable period of time is the space you give it.

    One of the most mind-expanding experiences I've ever had was reading "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz. I suspect if our Minister of Health read it, it would only be a matter of time before it was categorised as a mind altering scheduled drug. And the real power of that book - the ability to stretch our belief system.

    It's been a while. I think I need to read it again.

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    There is definitely lots of truth in the article. I think the biggest take home point is to identify the ways we limit ourselves. If we can't do that, we can't address them - kind of like saying, "I don't want to be like my father/mother/sister/brother/ex-wife" but not identifying the ways in which we actually are like them. Until we can accept the current reality it is hard to deal with it.

    Interestingly enough the goal that I've set myself for this year is to turn over a million....then Richard goes and writes about it Hopefully I'll go far beyond that number.

    On the flip side I fear that I can't come up with unique and original ideas - basically I doubt my own creativity to some degree. I know I'm creative and have great problem solving skills. I also seem to be good at identifying the problems and coming up with solutions when presented with them, it is more that original spark that I fear I lack.

    Maybe my perception of innovation is a bit warped though, and that is the real issue that I need to address.
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