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Thread: Anti-affirmative action campaign launched

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    Anti-affirmative action campaign launched

    The Soweto riots were started by the youth. Young students were active in the fight against apartheid. Is this the start of a new struggle?
    One thousand balloons were released on Tuesday by the Solidarity Youth Movement on top of a hill in the administrative capital of Pretoria "to symbolise the plea of head boys and girls from schools across the country to be exempted from affirmative action".

    The chairperson of the youth wing of the largely white trade union, Solidarity, Ernst Roets, said in a statement that the balloons were released from a hill which overlooks Freedom Park -- which honours the liberation struggle.

    "At the moment freedom is out of our reach -- we can see it, but we cannot experience it. That is why we picked a hill overlooking Freedom Park rather than Freedom Park itself," said Roets.

    The movement announced that it was planning a campaign in 2007 to demand that young people be exempt from affirmative action. The campaign will include music concerts, campus referendums and petitions to Parliament.

    The occasion was also used to release data obtained by a Markinor survey showing that 53% of people from all race groups between the ages of 18 and 23 felt that young people should be exempt from affirmative action.

    "Exempting young people from affirmative action is not just the right thing to do, it is the democratic thing to do," Roets said.
    full story from M&G here

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    It will be interesting to see the outcome. My views - we are 13 years into our democracy and as much as I can understand the reason for the implementation of AA, after 13 years it is now time to be a true democracy and allow freedom to all.

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