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Thread: When not to Tweet.

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    When not to Tweet.

    Sometimes it's better to use old fashioned email and SMS services.
    A retired couple's home was trashed after 150 drunken teenagers gatecrashed a party advertised on a social networking site.

    Brian and Glennis McDonald, who were attending a wedding, had given their 15-year-old granddaughter Victoria permission for two friends to stay the night as a treat.

    They even left her a note saying: "Bye darling. Have fun with your two friends."

    But just hours later, they were called by police and forced to return home to a scene of devastation after the gathering snowballed out of control when details were posted on Twitter.

    Patio doors were ripped off, televisions and windows smashed, paintings ruined and empty beer bottles strewn across the garden, leaving the elderly couple with a £1 000 repair bill.
    full story from IOL here
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