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Thread: GFM + one year

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    GFM + one year

    One year ago today Lehman Brothers filed for banckruptcy protection, triggering what we know today as the GFM.

    So how do you think you did surviving the fallout?
    And did you change any of your strategies to get through to this point?

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    The GFM affects all of us, without a doubt. I have seen once thriving businesses go bankrupt, people losing homes and cars, and even heard of suicides or attempted suicides.

    2007/08 were my businesses worst years(nearly closed my doors). 2009 is substantially better, (worse for others). Not due to any external circumstances, but financial discipline. Expenses have been slashed to the bone, budgets have been refined and track is kept of all cash.

    As with everything else, personal wealth comes down to personal responsibilty. No amount of upheaval, instability or external problems, can be blamed for personal conditions. No denying that the recession is painful, and we all can feel the heat.

    This cold and vicious world owes no one. So its up to US, not governments, corporations or anyone , to make this a better world(Remember Micheal Jackson song). And we will
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