I see Telkom has introduced a pure per-second billing option called SupremeCall. The claim is you may save up to 25% on your monthly telephone call costs. Looking at it, under the wrong circumstances it could prove more expensive than sticking to the standard rates.

Here is the standard rates card, and then a SupremeCall rates card for the type of package most of us would go for - in the R500.00 to R2500.00 range.

Comparing the two, when it comes to standard time calls it looks like the savings only come with calls shorter than one minute. The per second call rates seem to be the same - you just skip the minimum charge treatment.

However, in Callmore time, the per second rate is more expensive on SupremeCall than it is in the standard tariff.

So choose wisely.

If the vast majority of your calls are made in Standard time, it looks like there's no harm in taking this package deal (just take a package that is less than your normal spend). However, if you're doing significant calls in Callmore time, this is one "savings package" offering you might want to pass on.