Hi All,

I have come across an interesting MLM?
Basically its an internet referral system for motivational qoutes.
Yes I said it. Motivational qoutes.
Its called Be Motivated Today. Below is the link.

I joined the free trial to download the information file and see what its about.
So basically simple internet referrals. However you pay a monthly subscription and you receive a daily motivational email. Kind of like the wise sayings on the back of Hulets sugar packets.
You recieve a certain amount back based on the number of people that subscribe via your registered number and on the subcription option.
My opinion is its a bit dodgy. How do you accuratley assign a value to a motivational qoute. And the fact that you receive money based purely on recruiting and sign ups rings a few warning bells.
I thought I would post it and recieve some opinions. Or maybe someone expereinced in this system?

Look forward to hearing your ideas.