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Thread: Spring Day resolution

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    Spring Day resolution

    For some strange reason I woke up this morning with the creative juices flowing.

    Perhaps because it's Spring Day, or perhaps not. But one of the "new" thoughts that popped in my head was "why not make some Spring Day resolutions?"

    I'm not a great fan of New Year's resolutions. In fact I reckon it's a silly time of year to even try that sort of thing. We're either far too relaxed or way to over-stressed to start trying to change our habits. Maybe that's why so many of us struggle to keep to them.

    But if life isn't giving you exactly what you want, taking a time-out to make resolutions (or set goals) is a good thing. So why not make it in Spring?

    It's a time of renewal, new birth, the start of the natural cycle. It also falls at an interesting time of year when most of us are probably in a rut. If you're not happy with what you're doing is getting you, you probably need to change something. Why not do it now!?

    No drink.
    No debauchery.
    No hangover.
    No trying to get going again to get back to where we were.

    Just identifying a couple of things to work towards and making some simple changes in the daily rhythm that brings us closer to them.

    For me - so far I've goaled a couple of projects I've been putting off for ages to be done by the end of the year. And I've started on the one already.

    Feeling good.
    On a mission.

    Go on - Try it. What's the worst that could happen?
    Make a Spring Day resolution.
    And do something towards it.


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    mmm.. I resolved to get up this morning....

    So far, its going well.
    The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.
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