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Thread: Pastel Partner versus Evolution

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    Pastel Partner versus Evolution

    We are buying another existing company.
    In short..
    They have a server in CPT running PASTEL PARTNER and a website displaying exported data from PASTEL PARTNER.

    We have our own Server in JHB running PASTEL EVOLUTION, no Website linked to PASTEL EVOLUTION.

    They want us to keep all the same and Invoice on their server.
    I on the other hand feel strong about the principle " Far from your assets, close to your damage" - better in afrikaans "ver van jou goed, naby jou skade".

    So I want to know if my solution will work:

    1. Do a conversion from their latest backup into our PASTEL EVOLUTION

    1. By our own PASTEL PARTNER and again use their latest copy and import the data

    Not sure if both Pastel version can run on one server(64 it), but i don't see a problem as it is just another software package ?

    Also their excuse that they need to change the link from P PARTNER TO P EVOLUTION will take time. Yes it will, but they are only exporting files to the website and use them.

    WEB is worldwide, so why can't we just export the same files from our server to their website.

    Or am I totally lost ?


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    Just looking at the features, I see Pastel Evolution has an E-business module whereas Pastel Partner doesn't seem to.

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    pastel partner uses a pervasive SQL database whereas evolution uses an MSDE / Microsoft SQL database.

    there may be some syntax differences between the two (not sure about that though).


    now onto the exporting files to their server...
    if they are static(produced once every X days/weeks/months/years) files, then in essence you could copy them across whenever needed, or automate that process.
    if the files are dynamic(produced every time someone requests them) then you'd probably need to allow them to access the database on your server (where the pervasive SQL vs MSDE/MS SQL might get tricky).

    anyway, long story short, it may be more complicated to boost the files from your server to theirs than you thought.

    the conversion in terms of getting the data sounds about right though. I'm sure pastel would have a conversion tool either embedded or readily available to buy.

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    Know this is looong ago but if you found this entry....

    Partner uses pervasive.SQL, however it was written long before 'Open' became a buzzword. Pastel Partner is written using Btrieve API calls i.e. not a 'select * from ' statement but rather a proprietary call. Actually the Btrieve dev is fun twirl down memory lane but I think accessing the Pastel Data via ODBC would be preferable in this instance.

    64 BIt server ...ouch, careful pastel Partner is a VB6 app making proprietary calls to the pervasive microkernel. Its probably possible to put the pervasive database on the win64 box but the pastel licensing subroutines have been know to cause issues when in the same building as a 64bit OS

    The evolution, Evo for short, application succeeded the 'other' accounting application in the softline stable, forget the name now, sorry but it is .net app sitting on MS SQL - that is where you want to be if you're looking to empower the business, so rather move the partner dat to evo - take master files across and then have the users punch take docs as training, (they'll hate you but it definately pays off), and also make sure the end users reconcile the 2 systems with printed and signed listings e.g. Customer aged balances

    To access the Partner data via odbc have a look at the Pastel Data section of this blog. itll show you to create and access the pastel accounting data via odbc step by step

    K... that was the good news ...

    Parner data is not relational i.e. relations are not defined... BUT you can generally work out the relations. Check the blog above for additional details about how balances are stored etc ... the sdk help files though will be a good source..sdk is a free download on pastels' site - licensing is an issue but Sdk .chm is very usefull - got the table formats HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyl View Post

    Buy our own PASTEL PARTNER and again use their latest copy and import the data[/LIST]
    Not sure if both Pastel version can run on one server(64 it), but i don't see a problem as it is just another software package ?
    As external consultants to an international company wanting to migrate from Pastel Partner to Pastel Evolution, we had a similar conundrum.
    I would definately recommend purchasing your own Pastel Partner initially. Data can be backed up and restored daily if required.
    I would then suggest that Pastel data be converted/migrated to the Pastel Evolution on your server.
    Initially you will run Evolution and Partner parallel.Reporting is the most important thing as you need to get the same results out of both packages.
    Once you are happy you can continue using evolution and phase out Pastel Partner (you will still have the Pastel licence for Pastel Partner as a backup)
    Getting data from Evolution to the web should be very easy for a competent programmer. It is much easier to get data out of sql than pervasive.
    Don't worry about the 64bit server environment Pastel and Pervasive seems to run well as long as you do the 32bit and not the 64bit installation

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