we have now added another valuable service to our company...power factor correction maintenance.

maintenance to PFC units is extremely important especially is your plant has been upgraded or added onto etc...faulty capacitors and contactors can reduce your electrical installations capacity if not functioning correctly....it can also affect your monthly energy consumption...if you are on a max demand rate.

and as some of you already know i not only have the ability to test all the caps and contactors.

i also do a fully radiometric infrared thermal scan of the caps...wiring...main switch etc

i also link up my fluke 435 (which is a class A instrument) and log the entire proceedure for future reference...which also verifies if the controller setup is correct and if the display is reading correctly.

if you have any queries please feel free to email me on electricalpowersolutions"at"gmail"dot"com (this is to try slow down the spam)

so now we offer all these services all under one roof:

power quality analysing and fault finding (harmonics...dips and swells...transients etc)
load profiles (if you want to add machines or equipment)
power factor correction maintenance
certificate of compliance (standard and hazardous locations)
infrared thermal imaging (full radiometric -10 to 350 degrees C)
and of course last but not least we can do all the repairs if required...electrical contracting.

what more could you ask for...vibration and oil analysis...i have all the equipment and the literature to study it but not the time unfortunatley.