Hi All, I am posting this on behalf of ARC - message from Hayley Saul on Facebook, I know that a number of you are from the KZN area if you can use any and all of your contacts to spread the word and have this person stopped and/or maybe SPCA or other group intervention. We are not saying the horses MUST be rehomed, in some instances it would be kinder to euthenase, but definitely prior to transport in a cattle truck...Thanks in advance...

I was contacted about this tonight and it is extremely serious. We need all hands on deck to spread the word to people who may be able to assist down in Durban with helping to find places for these horses and getting together funds to purchase these horses or to at least give them to us so that we can ensure they get a good home or a dignified passing. She has refused. We have asked her that if she is insisting on sending them to the lion park to at least do this humanely and do the right thing and euthanise these poor animals humanely and not transport them in such a cruel manner to be put down at their destination in unsuitable trucks in a weakened and sickly state most definitely sustaining injuries during the journey. She is also selling the horses to anybody who arrives not caring where they are going and what is becoming of the horses.

The owner of a stud farm immigrated and left his horses on the property over 3 months ago. They have not been cared for properly. The new owner does not care about their wellbeing and will not supply them with feed. The horses are from Swynford Paddocks (Oakfield Thoroughbreds). They want R2000.00 per horse. They say that the passports are not updated for some time and vaccinations have lapsed. All horses bought will need de-worming, AHS and flu with tetanus and farrier work.

A truckload of the horses have already been taken to a lion park. This truck contained the horses that were the thinnest and youngest and all those struggling. It was a white cattle truck. When asked why the horses were not put down and then collected by the lion park the new owner said that she did not want blood on her property. They will not divulge where the horses went or give further information.

Every day trucks are arriving and loading up horses as they want. It is assumed these trucks are butcher trucks. Again nobody will divulge further information.

Neither SPCA or HCU have done anything despite the shocking conditions saying they can only give a warning. Witnesses who have been there on more than one occasion have seen that the horses have no food and no water. The excuse is that the water pump room is locked and they don't have a key. The new owner says that she has a budget she has to stick to and food for these horses is not included.

There are currently approximately 50 horses left on the farm. We have been told that we have until the end of the week or the rest are going to the lion park as well.

Please contact me if you can help on hayley@anresco.org

Many thanks,
Hayley - Animal Rescue Coalition