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Thread: BEWARE!!!!!!!

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    Just a warning to all.
    I discovered to my horror and disgust, that the company I have been doing work for on a freelance contract basis now refuse to pay me and have all kinds of lame excuses
    not a good time for it to happen either!
    I originally drew up an agreement, that was signed by both parties, but this agreement stipulated specific contracts and I even added a clause that read: any new work will be negotiated and agreed to in writing.
    As time went by, other contracts were added verbally and everything worked well.
    Now the crunch has come and I dont have the agreement in writing.
    Although, by them having paid me on my previous invoice for this contract,I'm sure that this can be seen as having agreed to it and that I have the right of expecting payment for work done.
    Always ensure that any contract, deal and/or automatic renewals have a properly signed agreement.
    I just hope that my warning is not to late for me!
    I plan to seek legal advice, but if any of you have suggestions, I'd welcome them

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    Yo ho ho. Merry Christmas That's gotta hurt.

    Sounds complicated and getting proper legal advice just has to be the right way to go.

    Holding thumbs justice will prevail.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you do for a living. I suggest that in the future you work on a system of half half, where the client pays you half before the work and half after the work. This way you will be sure to get half the money should they refuse to pay you after the work has been done.

    Other than that method commonly used in web design, I would also suggest always getting everything down in writing!
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    A contract does not have to be in writing to be valid and enforceable, you have witnesses to the verbal contract?

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    Graeme I would like to reply to this for chris as i have first hand knowledge and know that for the last 6 months of working on the same large contract, was paid as per normal with verbal agreement and sent and recieve the ness paper work and payment.
    Bullfrog, Chris Bouwer is a QS in consutancy for Plumbing and Drainage on some of the large projects in and around Durban/Ballito.
    "Networking" is my "CONTACT" Sport!"
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