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Thread: Property Rates in Durban

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    Property Rates in Durban

    Been browsing the site, but can't seem to find an answer here.

    Any advice from the locals ?

    What is the situation with property rates in Durban area ? Are they paid monthly / annually, etc ?
    Where would I go to find out ? Do I need to 'register' for this, or would I just start receiving account for it ?

    Not sure as a new owner in a new area ( been here almost 5 months ), and our last place was in a townhouse complex ( rates incl. in levy ).
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    Since the rates debacle last year - I do not know if there is any real answer here.

    As far as I know -
    • The municipality have your number and will be ringing up a score for you automatically.
    • The rates are payable monthly. I used to pay annually and get one month 'free'. That has all stopped and I was told there is only the monthly option now.
    • I was getting a bill every month up until about three months ago. Nothing has arrived since then and we have been unable to raise anybody wo knows the answer to this.

    The address to go to is 75 Winder street - the telephone number is 031 328 1200/031 311 1111 There is also a call center at 0861 113 254 email is

    Good luck
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