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Thread: Import tax???

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    Import tax???

    Hi there
    I'm on my way back to SA(for one last try) after being out of the country for 4 months. I lived there on a temporary residence(skills quota visa) for 10month and had to come back to the UK to get more qualifications. I'm on my way back and I want to bring with my my gadgets. I have CDJ's(CD turntables, DJ toys) which i paid about 1200 pounds for second hand. Now there is NO WAY I'm posting them(I get excited if my birthday cards get through the post from the UK) Basically, do I have to pay any import tax on them. They are second hand, if that make any difference. They are small enough to put in my hand lugage, just, but if i get checked at the airport Jo burg side am I screwed. Well obviously I'll be screwed I'm carrying something worth something through an airport(I worked there, that'll be why I won't be checking them in. I know how much stuff goes missing. A LOT!!!)
    So any idea, shipping them costs about 230 pounds with DHL (again, a lot).
    Anyone know teh best way or know where I'd be better of putting this question.



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    I seem to recall if they're personal possessions and you've owned them long enough, there isn't an issue. Hopefully someone else can narrow that down.

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