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Thread: Pastel Payroll Reports cannot display my requirements

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    Pastel Payroll Reports cannot display my requirements

    We run the Pastel Payroll - Payroll Summary (which exports to excell) at the end of a period pay period. We however require it to include the hours per employee for the pay period on the excell report.

    Pastel support responded to my query that the programme is not designed to do this.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative way to get around this without costing too much time?

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    First off - change Pastel for something different that really works.

    I would have thought there should be a field there to capture hours - it sounds like a basic to me.

    Other than that, if the reports going to excel then just add a column for the hours in there and add them afterwards. You should be able to set up a makro which captures the personnel database names, rates of pay etc and then allocate the hours against that to give a check or input into the pastel system for the final amounts depending on which way round you work. ie input hours to get the total salary or input salary and hours is just an information field.

    Excel usage also depends on the number of staff you are talking about.

    If they are clocking in, you should be able to get the clock system to link in as well and feed data back to excel or its own programme which should link into pastel. If pastel does not allow for this...then go back to step one.
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    Good Morning Zapphire

    Pastel Payroll has an Additional BI Reporting module which you could use to design your own Excel reports. Further to this you could get a consultant to create the report for you. This is chargeable.

    For more info email


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