What do you use to track traffic statistics for your website?

Personally I've found the stats tools provided with the typical webhosting account are limited and at times downright misleading, so I use Google Analytics.

Apparently there are some misconceptions about GA though:
Top Ten Myths About Google Analytics

We've noticed some misconceptions about Google Analytics floating around, and we thought we'd take a shot at correcting the most common ones. Without further ado, here they are, the top ten myths about Google Analytics debunked.

MYTH 1: "You get what you pay for." Google Analytics is free, which means the system is down a lot.

Google Analytics makes use of the same network of secure and reliable data centers used to power Google.com, making downtime an extremely rare occurrence. We have a large team focused exclusively on keeping your data safe and accessible, and benefit from multiple redundancies in our infrastructure around the globe (this makes us fast as well).

We even rely on Google Analytics for our own mission-critical products such as AdWords, which see huge volumes of traffic every day. If you're still having doubts, we'd encourage you to talk to some users and ask them how their experience has been with uptime.
You can read about the other 9 myths here.

Personally I think it is a fantastic tool - and recently Google has been adding some really useful new features.

Feel free to share any tips or ask questions.