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    I thought I shall share this with you................ How is this for networking ????? This is a message from my son living in the USA, left on my printer at home:

    " Printed by Eugene who is sitting in a bus between Boston and New Hampshire in the USA, remote connecting to Martin's laptop, remote connecting through the Straptite office server, ultimately printing at the local printer in my parents house.........
    Unbelieveable .!!! "

    Just shows you it can be done.........

    This whole project started by me asking him to set up a network so my wife can work from home and still access all her programs and data in the office and still get a hard copy at home.

    Actually amazing if you think about it............

    He connects via his laptop to the WiFi in the bus, connecting to the www, in turn connecting to my ISP and WiFi to my house, RDP via WiFi back to my ISP then to my office via ADSL and to the server via my office network and following the same route back to my laptop at home and then to the printer ! Wow !
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    Amazing what you can do with IT nowadays!

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    Thank the intelligent router with its residential gateway systems.

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