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Thread: At least the UK MPs pay it back!

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    At least the UK MPs pay it back!

    I have been following the scandal for the UK MPs expense claims. How nice to see the "guilty" ones paying back what they shouldn't have claimed. Link to The Sun article. With our scandal parliament just bought back the claims on travelgate.
    Will SA ever get to situation where the MPs are seen to be honest?
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    Right on - I reckon if they paid back what they have taken, we wouldn't have to pay taxes for about a year.
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    Agreed with all of the above. And it gets better - in the UK the chances of those MPs getting re-elected have taken a serious nosedive too. Constituencies take their responsibility of holding their elected representatives to account quite seriously in those parts.

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    That was the situation on the 13th; since then there has been even more dirty washing being revealed, and now all parties are being hit. Some of the pundits are predicting that the UK public is now so disgusted by it all that many will express their wrath by voting for UKIP or even the BHP in the upcoming Euro Parliment elections. Talk about unintended consequences!

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