The first I knew that a strike had been averted at the Deeds Office was when I got an email from Sieg. It would have been "troublesome" for my business, alright. And for many others I know.

Now I note with interest the following story:

Leadership and management "challenges" have led to problems in her department, Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs Lulama Xingwana said on Wednesday.

The problems include the implementation of land-reform and restitution programmes, the administration of state land, land audits and human resource management, Xingwana said in a statement.

Capacity constraints are also affecting the ability to deliver and there is a lack of personnel to manage leases and plans at provincial level.

There are currently 1 000 vacancies in the department and only about a third of state land has been audited to date.
full story from M&G here
I couldn't agree more. The leaders are responsible, Lulama.